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  • Complete 5 Way Clean


    • Power Tip Bristles to clean hard to reach areas
    • Interdental Row to clean between teeth
    • Center Diamond Cup to polish and whiten tooth surface
    • Gum Massage to massage and gently cleanse the gums
    • Tongue and Cheek Cleaner cleans bacteria from the tongue to help freshen breath

    *vs. a regular manual toothbrush

  • Complete Easy Clean


    • Cup-shaped bristles for effective cleaning
    • Molded Tongue Cleaner designed to help freshen breath
    • Use end-rounded bristles which are soft on your gums

  • Complete Sensitive Care


    • Extra soft for sensitive gums
    • Gently removes surface stains
    • Gentle on your teeth and gums with End Rounded Bristles
    • White bristles indicating gentleness