Manual Toothbrushes

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Vibrating bristles, comfort-control handles, and pressure sensitive brush head provide a more comprehensive clean.

  • Gently removes surface stains

  • Gentle on your teeth and gums with end-rounded bristles

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Complete Easy Clean

  • Cup-shaped bristles
  • Molded tongue cleaner
  • End-rounded bristles

Complete Easy Clean Herbal

  • Bristles infused with herbal extract
  • Wave trim bristles
  • Integrated tongue cleaner
Cross Action


Removes up to 99% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas with its CrissCross bristles, which are angled at 16° to attack plaque from the right angle.

  • Removes hard-to-reach plaque

  • Cleans along the gum line

  • Polishes away surface stains

  • Massages gums

  • Gentle on the enamel and gum

Compare Cross Action Series

Cross Action

Cross Action 7 Benefits

  • Seven oral care benefits
  • CrissCross and Power Tip bristles
  • Soft gum massagers
  • Textured tongue cleaner

Pro Health Clinical

  • End-rounded bristles
  • Individual flexing sides
Anti Bactirial

Cross Action Anti-Bacterial

  • Extra-soft CrissCross bristles
  • Power Tip bristles
  • Soft gum massager
Charcoal White

Cross Action Charcoal White

  • Bristles infused with Charcoal extract
  • Power Tip bristles
  • CrissCross bristles


Erase stains with dentist-inspired brush heads designed to help reveal a whiter smile*.

  • Gentle on enamel for everyday use

  • Stain Eraser gently polishes to help whiten teeth

Compare 3DWHITE Series


Pro Flex 3DWhite

  • Dual-flexing head design
  • Stain eraser bristles
  • Power Tip bristles


Ultrathin bristles with 0.01mm tips that reaches up to 2 times deeper between your teeth.

  • <0.01mm tips designed for deep clean

  • UltraThin bristles reach up to 2x deeper between teeth

Compare UltraThin Series

Pro Gum Care

UltraThin Pro Gum Care

  • Ultra Slim Tip
  • UltraThin bristles
  • 25mm small head
Black Tea

UltraThin Black Tea

  • Ultra Slim Tip
  • UltraThin bristles
  • 25mm small head
Pro Deep Clean

UltraThin Pro Deep Clean

  • <0.01 mm tips
  • UltraThin bristles
  • Indicator bristles
Dual Clean

UltraThin Dual Clean

  • UltraThin bristles
  • Cup-shaped bristles
Gum Care

UltraThin Gentle Gum Care

  • 25mm small head
  • Double-sided tapered bristles
  • Non-slip handle
Green Tea

UltraThin Green Tea

  • Ultra Slim Tip
  • Green tea essence within the bristle
  • UltraThin bristles
  • 25mm small head
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