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  • Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction 7 Benefits

    Provides 7 oral care benefits for a clean, healthy mouth

    Why is Pro-Health 7 Benefits+ right for you?

    It provides 7 oral care benefits for a clean, healthy mouth:
    1. Removes hard-to-reach plaque.
    2. Promotes healthy gums.
    3. Cleans along the gumline.
    4. Polishes away surface stains.
    5. Removes odor-causing germs on the tongue.
    6. Massages gums
    7. Gentle on the enamel and gums.


  • Oral-B Complete Whitening

    Unique polishing-cup bristles for a brighter, whiter, healthy-looking smile

    Oral-B Complete Whitening Soft toothbrush is very soft and helps to whiten your teeth.


  • Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction CrissCross

    Oral-B manual toothbrush for kids provides them with superior dental care

    Kids 8 years old and up have first teeth, permanent teeth, and gaps. It's important for them to brush thoroughly, but all this change can make for tender gums. With combination bristles, the Stages 4 toothbrush can help.

    - Helps protect tender gums
    - Reaches between teeth
    - Massage gums in gaps between teeth
    - Helps kids reach their back teeth
    - Fits kids' hands
    - Appeals to older kids' tastes with cool graphics and colors


  • Oral-B UltraThin Compact Soft

    0.01mm UltraThin bristles

    ORAL-B UltraThin Compact Soft Toothbrush with 2X more flexible tips for a gentle clean.


  • Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction Gentle Care

    Gentle on gums

    It's extra soft bristles provide an outstanding plaque removal that helps protect gums and enamel.

    How does Pro-Health Gentle Care work?

    It combines:
    - Extra Soft CrissCross Bristles. Angled in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque.
    - Extra Soft Power Tip Bristles. Extra long bristles help clean hard to reach places.


  • Oral-B Complete Super Thin

    Super thin, indicator complete

    Oral-B Complete Super Thin Toothbrush